Euro 2008

Don't know if you like football (soccer that is for our American friends), but i like to watch a game from time to time.

Sunday we watched the first 10 minutes of an impressive Germany against Poland before putting on Nicholas Rays 'In a Lonely Place'.

Yesterday i watched Italy - The Netherlands and the most horrible happened : The Netherlands won with 3 - 0. I hope all those dutch football fans don't come over to France right now on holiday because it will seem on orange party... They do seem to have won  the Euro already, never mind they will be beaten by France on friday the 13th.

I won't be able to watch that game live but will read all about in in saturdays edition of L'Equipe. 

And to be honest i hope Italy wins from Roumanie and France will only keep the 0 againt the Netherlands which keeps my dream of an Italy - Germany final alive ...

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Tosca is my 9 year old black and white cat; he passed away this afternoon undergoing medical surgery. It's the first time a pet who lived with me for a long time passes away, all the more so unexpectedly.

R.I.P. Tosca, you will always be in my heart!


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It's quite strange how news media filter the news they publish or broadcast. Since reading the book about IX-XI, i'm following the news about Afghanistan and Pakistan more these days. In the belgian newspapers they published some news about a bomb attack on the Kabul airport and about recent fightings in which some 40 Taliban fighters died. No trace of that (at least not that i could find) in the NYT or the Washington Post. On the other hand the Washington Post published an article yesterday aboutthe Taliban seizing a Pakistani convoy and seizes 100 Pakistani troops. This last articles is all the more interesting since Pakistan almost always supported the Taliban. The BC published the news about the fightings as well about the pakistani soldiers as well as the bomb at Kabul. It's great there's internet but where to start to digest all the news...



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I'm reading right now "IX-XI, how september 11th became possible",written by a belgian journalist Jef Lambrecht who traveled himself to Afghanistan during and after the Taliban regime. Very interesting to read and one understands the conflict from the Communist period onwards way better. Just surfing on the net today and i saw this article on Afghanistan in the today edition of the NYT. Can't say much has changed. Enjoy your sunday!

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HAPPY EASTER - don't forget to search for some good chocolate and this afternoon enjoy watching the "Tour Of Flanders".

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