"Ain't there but a few of us left" Milt Jackson once said. One who's certainly still walking around is Mr. Lou Donaldson.

Mr. Donaldson who is now 79 years young, (born November 1, 1926, Badin, NC) is one of those fine altoplayers who came just after Charlie Parker on the modern jazz horizon.

I'm now digesting not his famous recording with Clifford Brown and Art Blakey live at Birdland in 1954 but The Complete Blue Note Sessions 1957-60.

For all detailed info go here :


For general info on Mosaic records visit this site :


There's a general discography on Mr. Donaldson on the web available :


And Dexter you say? Well , to keep one self hungry for something a little period of abstention is good from time to time…


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