Down Beat December 05

Read this weekend the december issue of Down Beat. The to me more interesting articles were an interview with Ornette Coleman (75 years) and of course the results of the Reader's Poll.

Just some remarks on the results :

Toots wins again in the category of the misscelaneous instruments

Bar sax Cecil Payne still on 10th place !!

Male vocalists : no trace of Jamie Cullum (yeah!!!)

Big Band : no trace of BJO (always wondered what's so great about the BJO)

Voted in the Hall of Fame was Herbie Hancock. In the article/interview he said this about Miles :"Miles encouraged us to explore, he didn't care if it sounded perfect or not. He would have probably fired us if it sounded perfect, because that would say that we are not working hard enough. Miles played in the moment. He didn't just find licks to get applause..."

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