Sam Rivers

Bea Rivers, Sam Rivers' wife for many years, passed away onThanksgiving.

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On the other hand there is some good news as well from the Rivers front.

I also received this e-mail :

" I am pleased to invite all interested parties :
Begun this day, December 4th, 2005, at 9:09 a.m. after receiving the dreadful and heart-rending news that BEATRICE, our beloved Beatrice, had returned to light and mist on Thursday, November 24th, Thanksgiving morning.
That beautiful Beatrice, the blessed matriarch and guiding beacon to my friend and hero Samuel Carthorne Rivers, had left his side.
I've been wanting to open a discussion/research group for some time now, and
today I am most in need of distraction. The Rivers Sessionography is massive, but not near complete. I've no illusions of ever getting THERE, but I do love the journey towards-- and I invite you all to join in.L
ove and all,
Rick Lopez"

Rick Lopez haS established a lot of jazzdiscographies on the net , the Sam Rivers one is here:




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