Zoot Sims & Shelly Manne DVD

Sunday evening to end the weekend i watched the following Eforfilm DVD

Zoot Sims & Shely Manne in Concert

Both shows date from 1970. The Zoot Sims show was recorded at Donte's , the Shellly Manne at his own club, Shelly's Manne Hole.

The concert of Zoot Sims gave me the opportunity to see and hear Roger Kellaway p; Chuck Berghofer b and Larry Bunker ds.

They played :

zoot's piece

my old flame

on the trail

motoring along

Shelly Manne was accompanied by Bob Cooper ts; Hampton Hawes p; Ray Brown b and theY they were showcased on

blues improvisation

stella by starlight


Ah nice to see not only the concert but also the inside of these famous clubs as well the people attending the concerts. Where would they be???


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