Michael Connelly - The Black Ice

Yesterday evening i started to read Michael Connelly's - The Black Ice, his second novel in the Harry Bosch LAPD Detective Series.

Although i read his first book ('The Black Echo') some two years ago, whil reading 'The Black Ice' I immediatley knew why I liked it so much.

On page 2 Harry Bosch sits home at X-mas , alone as always, eating and drinking
and listening at Trane playing 'Song Of The Underground Railroad' which comes from the Africa Brass Sessions recorded on May 23, 1961.

One page further as X-mas day lingers on Bosch listens at 'Spiritual' from live at the Village Vanguard recorded on November 1 & 2 1961...

His style and plot of his books reminds me of James Ellroy but aren't that 'depressive' nor that 'disgusting'. Mr. Connelly's books are a bit easier to digest than those of Mr. Ellroy. My annual ritual is to read an Ellroy novel. I should start making another ritual : one Harry Bosch a year...

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