Frank Morgan in The Black Ice

Readin on and i admit, Mr. Connelly knows his classics. He let Harry Bosch make a date for new years eve and they are planning to go and hear Frank Morgan. Later on Bosch listens at the Frank Morgan CD Mood Indigo and more precise "Lullaby"...
With the holidays coming near keep this advice in mind :
"New Year's Eve was a night for jazz, and the saxophone could cut you in half if you were alone..." 

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Thanks for mentioning Hi Lexman,

thanks for mentioning this book, i will see if i can get it. Good luck with your weblog !


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Quote Frank Morgan Hi Lexman,

yesterday evening i took a book from the shelf i read long ago: "Koko" by Peter Straub. The motto of the book was:
"I believe it is possible and even recommended to play the blues on everything" -Frank Morgan, Alto Saxophonist.


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