Tune Up tuning down!

Ok guys and dolls, this is it for the year 2005!
I'm leaving for France to spend the holidays over there.
Thanks for coming by. Please visit me again from January 3rd, 2006 on.
If you don't know what to do, go get that new Miles Davis Box Set, Live At the Cellar Door which should  be released any day now or otherwise have some fun over here :
Bye and till soon!!!

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Joyeux Noel

Let's move back to this period anno 1914. In Europe WWI was raging and soldiers from all over the world were stuck in trenches. During the Christmas period however, on various places along the front , hostilities were stopped by local commanders and the troops of all parties involved , fraternalised.
They celebrated Christmas,  burried their dead comrades, ate together and even played football...
Of course this was not tolerated by the HQ's and the troops and their officers were punished because of this 'insubordination'...
Christian Carion directed this sensitive movie with oa Diane Kruger, Dany Boon...
Pay attention to the beautifull music sung by Natalie Dessay and the youthchoir 'Scala' (from Aarschot).
I watched this movie in France around november 11, while visiting  Le Chemin Des Dames, a hillspot where some ferocious fighting between french and germand troops took place during WWI.
Have a merry X-mas to you all out there...

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Trio Toykeat

This fine finnish jazz piano deserves wider recognition... I just recently had the opportunity to listen at the their Diersbach and Stockholm 2004 concerts. They play own compositions ('Etude' as an ode to Mozart) or classics like 'Confirmation' or 'There will never be another you'...

To my knowledge they never played in Belgium and don't get a lot of media attention. - the fact that Diana Krall gets more media attention is in any esthetical way fully justified ;-)

Trio Toykeat just released a new cd on Blue Note so you have no excuse for not checking them out anymore... 




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Jacques Brel

In the french speaking part of my country they know how to honor true artists. Jacques Brel has been chosen as greatest belgian in Wallonie.
In Flanders a catholic missionary, Father Damian was elected by the public as greatest belgian...
It only shows to me that Flanders is still conditioned by the catholic regime who ruled the country so long...
If you wonder about the Jaspar Bio and the Brownie's Eyes series. Tomorrow is another day...

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Miles Tribute

Just found about Kris Tiner , american trumpet player. I listened only at his Miles Davis Tribute 'Live/Evil' and it was a real nice discovery. the following days i'll try to give his other recordings a chance on my cd player as well.
His recordings are available online and free for dowload at :
Check it out!

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The Battle Of The Bulge

This Day In History reminds me of the fact that today 61 years ago The Battle Of The Bulge started.



December 16, 1944

With the Anglo-Americans closing in on Germany from the west and the Soviets
approaching from the east, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler orders a massive attack
against the western Allies by three German armies.The German counterattack out
of the densely wooded Ardennes region of Belgium took the Allies entirely by
surprise, and the experienced German troops wrought havoc on the American line,
creating a triangular "bulge" 60 miles deep and 50 miles wide along the Allied
front. Conditions of fog and mist prevented the unleashing of Allied air
superiority, and for several days Hitler's desperate gamble seemed to be paying
off. However, unlike the French in 1940, the embattled Americans kept up a
fierce resistance even after their lines of communication had been broken,
buying time for a three-point counteroffensive led by British General Bernard
Montgomery and American generals Omar Bradley and George Patton.Fighting was
particularly fierce at the town of Bastogne, where the 101st Airborne Division
and part of the 10th Armored Division were encircled by German forces within the
bulge. On December 22, the German commander besieging the town demanded that the
Americans surrender or face annihilation. U.S. Major General Anthony McAuliffe
prepared a typed reply that read simply:To the German Commander:Nuts!From the
American CommanderThe Americans who delivered the message explained to the
perplexed Germans that the one-word reply was translatable as "Go to hell!"
Heavy fighting continued at Bastogne, but the 101st held on. On December 23, the
skies finally cleared over the battle areas, and the Allied air forces inflicted
heavy damage on German tanks and transport, which were jammed solidly along the
main roads. On December 26, Bastogne was relieved by elements of General
Patton's 3rd Army. A major Allied counteroffensive began at the end of December,
and by January 21 the Germans had been pushed back to their original
line.Germany's last major offensive of the war had cost them 120,000 men, 1,600
planes, and 700 tanks. The Allies suffered some 80,000 killed, wounded, or
missing in action, with all but 5,000 of these casualties being American. It was
the heaviest single battle toll in U.S. history.

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Bobby Jaspar (2)

Not much time to read these days, anyway; Bobby Jaspar started to get musci lessons at age of 8 and in 1942 when attending a concert in Liège he was struck by it. Het bought a clarient and formed a group. In 1944 he formed the Bob Shots which became rather famous after the war.

He also met during the war Jacques Pelzer (°1924) & René Thomas (°1926) which would evolve to some long relationships…

I'll read on this weekend and tell you more

Have a nice weekend & see you back on monday!!


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