Lou Rawls (2) & Miles : Baby won't you please come home

I've checked my L. Rawls LP  and i was confusing this recording with a Jimmy Witherspoon 'Sings The Blues' on which indeed participates Jeru & Ben Webster (Leroy Vinnegar is again the bassplayer)
The one i have (Capitol SM1714) has
L.R. : vcl
Ron Jefferson : ds
Les Mc Cann : p
Leroy Vinnegar : bs
They play and sing ao
See See Rider
Stormy Monday
God Bless The Child
Willow weep for me
T ain't nobody's bussiness
Mr. Rawls sings also 'Baby won't you please come home'. This brought me to Miles Davis's version in 1963 (so one year after LR recorded his version) which appeared on his LP 'Someday my prince will come'
As soon Miles blows this few first notes of the theme, the gentle side of love is there. One can live the way he brings the title alive and i see all kinds of images appearing all concering that 'Baby...'
When he starts his solo the tempo goes from slow to medium and the same atmosphere of dim light is still there. He just slows the tempo down for Victor Feldman starting his solo. (i really dig the Feldman - Davis combination ; like on 'Basin' Street Blues')
The Miles takes over and goes back to the theme while still trying to convince his baby to come home and displays here his unique ability to show his sense of fragility & romanticism...
8 minutes 25 seconds of pure beauty...
Miles Davis (tp); Victor Feldman (p); Ron Carter (b); Frank Butler (ds)
recorded in LA, 16/04/1963
sigh ...

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