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Good news from Charles Mingus. No he hasn't come back but some of his music will be released…


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"From http://www.mingusmingusmingus.com/

Sue Mingus Music

In June 2005, Sue started her own label, SueMingusMusic, in conjunction
with Sunnyside Records and Universal Music Jazz France.

Future Sue Mingus Music releases include:

-the first CD reissue of the 1965 Music Written for Monterey, Not
Played, Performed at UCLA ... from SueMingusMusic/ Universal, originally
issued as a limited edition on the Charles Mingus Enterprises label, and
entitled "Music Written For Monterey, Not Played, Performed At UCLA
1965". It will be issued in April, 2006, for the first time on CD, with
Mingus's cartoon ads, new photographs and up-dated liner notes.

What's Planned

Future projects we hope to get off the ground, and which you can keep
track of on the website:

Through my new record label, SueMingusMusic (in conjunction with
Sunnyside Records in the U.S. and Universal Jazz France in Europe), the
release of previously unheard Mingus concerts, including:

-one at Cornell University just before the band left on its 1964
European tour - superior, in my view, to all the subsequent concerts;

-a powerful live show at Ronnie Scott's Club in London in l972, recorded
professionally by Columbia Records and turned over to us when Columbia
dumped most of its jazz roster that same year - the personnel includes:
Charles McPherson (alto) Jon Faddis (trumpet), Bobby Jones (tenor), John
Foster (piano), Roy Brooks (drums and musical saw) and Mingus.

That's for starters.


Love, Sue Mingus"

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