Joe Lovano & Hank Jones

Yesterday I attended the Joe Lovano & Hank Jones duo concert in Antwerp. They started for about half an hour playing ao. 'I waited for you', 'Confirmation' and 'Recorda me'. Then Mr. Lovano left the stage so Mr. Jones was spotlighted in a kind of medley of standards and classics (don't ask me the names, I recognized the tunes but that's all). Mr. Lovano joined him for one tune and then it was time for Mr. Jones to take a short break.


After one solo feature (on Chinese gongs and tenor) by Mr. Lovano they continued to play together. They ended with 'Six and Four'. After that the public asked and got two encore's of which Th. Monks 'Four in one' was one of them.


It was noticeable that Mr. Jones got the hardest applause which to me seems quite cynical. He has of course a blessed age but everyone seemed to be there to have seen him one more time - maybe the last time.


Why was I there? Well to see a duo concert by Joe Lovano & Hank Jones…

Two short remarks to conclude this brief review :

  • a lot of youngsters were attending the concert : don't know their affiliation to Jazz but thy certainly don't know to behave : girls of 15, 16 years talking and laughin' as girls of that age do…
  • although the concert was organised in collaboration with Radio 1 (our public radio) it doesn't seem to be recorded. The concert was complete accoustic, only one micro for the announcements. One more opportunity missed, but what the hell, it's only Jazz isn't it…


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