Alexander's Sarcophagus

I found some great pics of "Alexander's Sarcophagus" or Hephaistion's as some call it, taken in the Archelogical Museum in Istanbul (Turkey).


The book Alex. the Great in Fact & Fiction, Bosworth and Baynham, has a section called "The Royal Hunt of Alexander". They still attribute the sarcophagus to Abdalonymus, the King of Sidon, who was appointed to that postion by Hephaistion. The author, Olga Palagia, of this particular chapter discuss the importance of the hunting scenes on it as a device to show the orientalizing effect of the Persian culture on Alexander. Up until Alex's conquest of Persia hunting scenes such as those depicted on the sarcophagus were not common in Macedonian art. As Alex, and Hephaistion both appear in the main scenes of the sarcophagus as well as Abdalonymus, who is shown alongside Alex. in the hunting scene, it is suggested that Abdalonymus used this as a piece of propaganda for his claim to the throne of Sidon.


Anyway, here are the links :












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