Martin Cruz Smith

Yesterday around midnight (it was still tuesday) I finished reading Martin Cruz Smiths latest novel Wolfs Eat Dogs (2004).


He now wrote 5 novels with Arakadi Renko as main character. The most famous is perhaps his first 'Gorky Park' after which followed Polar Star, Red Square and Havana Bay.


In Wolves Eat Dogs, Renko enters the privileged world of Russia's new billionaire class. An apparent suicide of a New Russian tycoon leads Renko on a journey through Chernobyl.


I really could see the environment and almost feel the radiation of Chernobyl - had the same feeling while reading 'Der Zauberberg' by Th. Mann when I felt feverish just like the main personage. It gave me the shivers and couldn't put the book down.


If you wanna start 2006 with some real good thriller try this one, you won't be disappointed.


And what now for reading? Hm i will start Quintus Curtius Rufus book on Alexander.



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