Cellar Door Sessions


They finally arrived 'The Cellar Door Sessions' by Miles Davis. This 6 CD box set seemed never to become  available due to some discussion between Columbia and the MD. Estate but one always must  keep hoping...




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Hoe klinkt het ? What is the sound ? Hi Lexman,

please tell us how this box sound compared to what we have as a bootleg ?
very curious,


Gepost door: André | 31-01-06

cellar door sessions Hi André,

i checked discs 3 and thought the official cd having a more dynamic sound than the boots version...

that's all it seems...


Gepost door: Lexman | 03-02-06

Thanx Hi Lexman,
There were reactions on the Miles Davis List with the same opinion, and you confirm it. Maybe i can lend someday the box from the biblio, and listen to it.
i think the bootleg was to my ears good quality.



Gepost door: andré | 08-02-06

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