Cellar Door Sessions


They finally arrived 'The Cellar Door Sessions' by Miles Davis. This 6 CD box set seemed never to become  available due to some discussion between Columbia and the MD. Estate but one always must  keep hoping...




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Bertrand Tavernier & James Lee Burke

B. Tavernier will direct Mr. Burke's Dave Robicheaux novel "In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead".


Not much info available but here's Mr. Burke's site:




If you don't know what to read try a D. Robicheaux novel by J.L. Burke...




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The 1950 classic movie 'Stromboli' by Roberto Rosselini starring Ingrid Bergman will be broadcasted Sunday january 29 on the Netherlands 3rd Channel (1.07 AM)

Not to be missed since U.S. Senator Edwin C. Johnson denounced the film, saying, "The degenerate Rosselini has deceived the American people with an idiotic story of a volcano and a pregnant woman. We must protect ourselves against such scourges."

Have a nice weekend!


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Sherman Ferguson RIP

West Coast drummer Sherman Ferguson passed away on january 22. Not well known to me he has had a rather impressive carreer.


Read here Todd S. Jenkins' Obituary on Mr. Ferguson :







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Tal Farlow

Remember Tal Farlow? That's right, Bobby Jaspar played and recorded with this fine guitar player.


There seems to be a film on Tal which (of course) was never released here but is now available on VHS.


The soundtrack used is a never before released live recording with Tommy Flanagan and Red Mitchell...


One day ....(sigh)


Here's the link





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Wynton Marsalis & Jazz at Lincoln Center

Ah after some two months finally some comments on Wynton and his Jazz At Lincoln Center. Lucky i don't depend on his institute to attend some jazz concerts. i could never afford the prices they ask for a concert...


And then we don't talk about the ideology concerning the program.


Read the article on JALC here :





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Jazz cartoons

To see and read a jazz cartoon is not daily stuff to me (or i read not the appropriate mag's)


Here's one on Maynard Ferguson :







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