Jack Montrose RIP

This news was in this mornings mail :


"The great West Coast tenor saxophonist Jack Montrose died in Las Vegas early this morning after a few years of poor health. He was not only a great player, but a great human being. Although he told me that when he knew Ornette in the early years in L.A., "He couldn't write out a C scale without making a mistake," in the last decade Jack became quite impressed with Ornette's old records, after trumpeter Walt Blanton made him listen.
In the last ten years or so Jack decided that, except when he was hired to play reunion concerts, he only wanted to play free. Of course his "free" was deeply informed by his classical training, and was anything but chaotic. But he formed a pianoless quartet with Walt and two younger players, Kevin Thomas on bass and Chris Benham on drums, and played some beautiful music, nearly all his own compositions. After his health grew too weak to sustain that band, he still played at parties
whenever he could. He leaves a big void."


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