Brad Mehldau

While preparing myself spiritually for his concert on feb. 25th I will be listening the coming days and evenings at some of his recordings.

Yesterday evening I listend at two Joshua redman recordings from 1994. One a promotional cd from Warner Brothers recorded live. Two 4tet pieces and two duo's containing a very beautifull rendition of 'Sophisticated Lady'.

The other cd is a Jazz Door Boot recorded live in the USA in 1994. 3 pieces. Besides Mr. Redman & mr. Mehldau we have Christian McBride on bass and Brian Blade on drums.

The last track 'Sweet Sorrow' is a slow to medium tempo theme with a great solo by Mr Redman and Mr. Mehldau. The tenorsax growls with a broad tone, is very generous and takes his time to tell his story. The piano solo is a full display of his wonderfull technique, showcasing the fact he made the 'modern piano style' completely his own while not forgetting to implement a personal touch. I was sad it ended after 13 minutes already.

I was of course also amazed in a positive way of Mr. Redmans playing at that time. Can't say the same of his present activities. Nevertheless a concert done at the West Coast with Mc Coy Tyner in 2005 in honor of John Coltrane might be worth listening at…

To Close the evening I listened at a solo piano concert of Mr. Mehldau in Berlin 1998. He was very spontaneous and asked if the public had requests : ATTY, For all we know, Think of one, Exit music aresome of the titles he played that evening…

I'll continue this evening and try to report to you back tomorrow…


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