Brad Mehldau (2)

Continuing my Mehldau journey I started the evening with a promo cd called 'Deregulating jazz'. All except two tracks are issued.

The unissued pieces are 'Paranoid Android' and 'Bottle up and explode' The rest are tracks from his between 1997-2000 issued cd's.

Then i listened at a duo recording mr. Mehldau did in february 2000 in Berlin with his wife, the dutch singer Fleurine.Some real nice portugese sung pieces were displayed as well Jimi Hendrix 'Up from the sky', and ' But Not For Me'.

i ended the evening with mr. Mehldaus duo recording with Kenny Barron in Perugia in 1999. Gracious renderings of classics like 'All Blues'; Billie's Bounce', 'No Greater Love' as well as 'Nardis', 'Softly as in a morning sunrise' and 'Black Orpheus'. Wish there was more like this available. Anyway a great recording and an absolute must for any Mehldau or Barron amateur, or piano music lover tout court.

The saga continues this evening before and/or after Club Brugge-AS Roma ;-)


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