Brad Mehldau (3)

The last days and evening I listened at the rest of the Mehldau cd's that were waiting for me.

As said last week I listened at the soundtrack of 'Ma femme est une actrice'. Nice work but not a not to be missed cd.

Friday I had the opportunity to listen at a concert Mr. Mehldau did in november 2004 in Darmstadt. Always fine to hear the trio in a live setting. Except for some classic themes as 'Skippy' and 'My Ideal' (very lyrical rendition!!), they play as well 'August Ending', 'River Man', 'Exit Music' …

Yesterday I listened at his duo concert in 2005 in Carnegie Hall with Renée Fleming. Mr. Mehldau plays soms solo pieces and the they perform some newly written music based on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Ms. Fleming also performs 'But Beautiful'

You can read and listen at it here :


I finished the weekend while listening at a cd with some extracts of different concerts contaning as well two X-mas songs and a very great version of Alvarado from 2004.

The only cd that has to be listened at is a duo recording Mr. Mehldau did with tenorsax Joel Frahm. I don't know anything about Mr. Frahm so I'm quite curius what's it gonna sound like.

More on this maybe tomorrow…


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