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After the poetic excursions with mr Mehldau, time for something else. Watched some football (Real Madrid-Arsenal & Chelsea -Barcelona) and listened at some Miles Davis live shows.

First one was a 1988 concert in Greensboro. You immediately recognize the as Kenny Garrett of course. He even plays bariton sax on one piece.

The concert was good but not execeptional. Noteworthy was the fact that the band played a track called 'Funk Suite' which later became known as 'Heavy Metal' or 'Heavy Metal Prelude'.

Marilyn Mazur percussion work is instantly recognizable and she and Ricky Wellman made a great team.

The other evening I listend at a concert Mr. Davis gave in Cleveland in 1985, which I liked more. You felt very well the rhtyhm Miles was constantly looking for. For his 'You're under arrest' LP Miles tried to get some more exotic sound and rhythms which to me came very well through in this concert.

'Something's on your mind' is a song that always achieves to grab me in one way or another. Really love the groove of it.

I won't be back before Monday. Next week I'll give some Sonny Rollins recordings a chance in my cd player and report on them…

Take care


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More and more ...... Miles Davis I have ca 60 and more Miles Davis albums ( most as CD) in my collection and at my last visit to the record shop I found some new "live" recordings made by Miles. What to do? Leave in the shop, because the tune are "known"? Will bring something "new" for me? I bought, agains my better judgment the Miles Davis Quintet Live in Den Haag ( LHJ10206) and when I played the first tune "So What" it felt great, because it was the same experience as when you hear your favorite artist live in a concert playing one of those well known tunes, in a way as if it is created at that very moment - new tones, new surprises, new harmonies. Great !! I got that same feeling while playing the Blackhawk performances.

Keep swinging


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