Stan Getz

 BBC 3 Radio  'Jazz File' broadcasts a 4 part series on Stan Getz. The first part is still available on this site :





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80's Miles

After the poetic excursions with mr Mehldau, time for something else. Watched some football (Real Madrid-Arsenal & Chelsea -Barcelona) and listened at some Miles Davis live shows.

First one was a 1988 concert in Greensboro. You immediately recognize the as Kenny Garrett of course. He even plays bariton sax on one piece.

The concert was good but not execeptional. Noteworthy was the fact that the band played a track called 'Funk Suite' which later became known as 'Heavy Metal' or 'Heavy Metal Prelude'.

Marilyn Mazur percussion work is instantly recognizable and she and Ricky Wellman made a great team.

The other evening I listend at a concert Mr. Davis gave in Cleveland in 1985, which I liked more. You felt very well the rhtyhm Miles was constantly looking for. For his 'You're under arrest' LP Miles tried to get some more exotic sound and rhythms which to me came very well through in this concert.

'Something's on your mind' is a song that always achieves to grab me in one way or another. Really love the groove of it.

I won't be back before Monday. Next week I'll give some Sonny Rollins recordings a chance in my cd player and report on them…

Take care


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The Blog (4)

Routine is dull so once more i'm updating the Blog.


The design has changed, the links section will be redone the coming days,...


Enfn you (as me as well) will see where it leads to.


Thanks for your visits and till tomorrow.



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Brad Mehldau (Finale)

Monday evening I listened at a 2004 duo recording mr. Mehldau did with ts Joel Frahm, entitled 'Don't Explain' (Palmetto 2096) I knew Mr. Rahm only by name but no more. From the first note of 'Don't explain' i was touched by his sound, warm and deep. This track, together with 'Get Happy', 'Oleo' and 'Round Midnight # 3' are the highlights of this cd.

It was a great way to finish my small Brad Mehldau listening tour and am looking forward at his Saturday concert…

Will report on it of course.


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158 years ago 'The Communist Manifesto', written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was published by The Communist League in London.


90 years ago at  7.12 AM a German offensive was launched in Verdun and would continue for 10 long months.




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Brad Mehldau (3)

The last days and evening I listened at the rest of the Mehldau cd's that were waiting for me.

As said last week I listened at the soundtrack of 'Ma femme est une actrice'. Nice work but not a not to be missed cd.

Friday I had the opportunity to listen at a concert Mr. Mehldau did in november 2004 in Darmstadt. Always fine to hear the trio in a live setting. Except for some classic themes as 'Skippy' and 'My Ideal' (very lyrical rendition!!), they play as well 'August Ending', 'River Man', 'Exit Music' …

Yesterday I listened at his duo concert in 2005 in Carnegie Hall with Renée Fleming. Mr. Mehldau plays soms solo pieces and the they perform some newly written music based on poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Ms. Fleming also performs 'But Beautiful'

You can read and listen at it here :


I finished the weekend while listening at a cd with some extracts of different concerts contaning as well two X-mas songs and a very great version of Alvarado from 2004.

The only cd that has to be listened at is a duo recording Mr. Mehldau did with tenorsax Joel Frahm. I don't know anything about Mr. Frahm so I'm quite curius what's it gonna sound like.

More on this maybe tomorrow…


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Putte Wickman RIP

Got this in the mail :




Swedish jazz musician Putte Wickman dies at age 81 of cancer
Canadian Press
Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2006

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Clarinetist and orchestra leader PutteWickman, one of Sweden's best known jazz musicians, died Tuesday, a friend said. He was 81.

Wickman died of cancer, jazz writer and friend Leif Domnerus said. Born in the central city of Borlange in 1924, Wickman discovered his natural talent as a clarinet player after moving to Stockholm as a teenager.

By the time he left school, he was good enough to become a full-time musician, inspired by legendary clarinetists Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman.

Wickman's given first name was Hans Olof, but he was known throughout his career as "Putte." In 1945, he was voted Sweden's best clarinet player by Swedish jazz critics, and he started his first own orchestra in 1948.

The following year he achieved international acclaim as part of the Swedish All Stars Group that was hailed by the audience and critics alike at the Paris Jazz Festival.

Wickman toured widely in Sweden and played several concerts at jazzclubs in the United States, recording albums with music greats like Buddy DeFranco and Eddie Daniels.

Funeral arrangements were not immediately known.

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