Charles Mingus

This weekend while driving in my car I listened at a 2002 BBC radio 3 documentary on bassist and composer Charles Mingus.

This 3 hour series called 'Better Get It In Your Soul' is presented by Brian Priestley and gives a great overview on life and works of the late Charles Mingus.

Musicians like (just to name a few) Britt Woodman, Buddy Collette, Max Roach, Richard Wyands, Red Norvo, Eddie Bert, Ted Curson, Dannie Richmond are all interviewed.

Also some very reknown Jazz Journalists and researchers as Nat Hentoff, Dan Morgenstern, Gary Giddins, Lewis Porter and of course Sue Mingus and son Eric Mingus are featured.

You always learn of some new stuff such as a group playing in LA in the early 40's and of which Mingus was part of it as well Dexter Gordon and Art Pepper at the same time !!!

Or hear hear (no mistake) about his period with Lionel Hampton and Duke Ellington…

Or you learn about the filmproject - there was not only Shadows - called 'All Night Long' in which participated Richard Attenborough , Dave Brubeck and Charles Mingus ao…

The series not only looks back but also point at the various bands still performing

Mingus ' music and looks at his masterpiece called 'Epitaph' which for the first time was in its complete form performed in 1998, twenty years after his passing.

Not to be missed if you can lay you hand at it and a good indicator of what you -quality wise speakin'- might expect from the now running Stan Getz Docu…


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