Lollo Meier & André Donni -Hondarribia

This dutch - belgian quartet plays in the traditionel Django Reinhardt - Hubert Rostaing setting (guitar - clarinet - rhythm guitar - double bass). The tracks contain of course compositions by Django but also Cole Porter (Just Of One Those Things) and Astor Piazolla (Libertango). Lollo Meier adds some 4 compositions of its own as well.

Some real nice blowing by André Donni, who resurfaces after a long and hard period for the very talentfull young belgian lion. Especially on 'Libertango' he's very sensitive and with the whole group they showcase they not only really understand the Django gypsy style jazz .
14 tracks for about one hour of fine and fresh jazz which most people nowadays would consider out of date and they're wrong...
More information on www.lollomeier.nl

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