Sonny Rollins : Katonah 01.08.1998

Katonah 01.08.1998

Yesterday evening I listened at a concert recording Mr Rollins performed in Katonah 1998. It was a good concert nothing outstanding till in the second set 'Duke Of Iron' starts. Mr Rollins starts a solo and let then the percussionist take over for a lenghty solo. Around 8 minutes Mr. Rollins seems thinking his moment has come and starts one of those breathtaking solo's for over 17 minutes. After 6 minutes of soloing you think he's at the max and it will cool down but no, we go farther on his journey for another 11 minutes. The crowd starts roaring after some 20 minutes and then Mr. Rollins starts the finale. Unbelievable, those notes, cadenza's keep on coming as in a stream of (un)conscienceness. The public starts handclapping as a support and out of excitement.The applause gets wild and unstoppable when Mr. Rollins finally ends his solo and the piece. As a last piece he gives a short rendition of 'Tenor Madness'.

What a listening experience to start the week with... I listend at 'Duke Of Iron' for 3 times one after another... (and then you wonder i didn't catch sleep easy;-))


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