Wayne Shorter 4tet


I stumbled upon an interesting concert which took place at Umbria Jazz Festival in Melbourne's Hamer Hall on the 13th May 2005. The Wayne Shorter 4tet played there two nights with Jason Moran on piano. I do like Danilo Perez a lot in the 4tet but I'm quite curious how Mr. Moran fills in the piano part. Maybe one day a recording will reach the surface…

Have a nice weekend!


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Sonny Rollins Interview

Ira Gitler interviewed Mr. Rollins at the last IAJE conference on January, 12 2006. DownBeat Magazine published it online, don't know how long it will be available.

Enjoy !


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Appomattox Campaign

Today 141 years ago Union troops paved the road to Appomatox where finally will end the Civil War...




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Film & Books

Some bad news. Director Richard Fleischer and Science Fiction writer Stanislas Lem left us.





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Dexter Gordon

I just bought the Mosaic Select complete Keystone Korner recordings. I have a 2LP set but wanted an upgrade to get the 3CD's and spare my LP's.

I listened at the First CD last night and was quite impressed with 'It's you or no one' and 'backstaris/LTD' I will continue listening this weekend but have some remarks :


There must be a lot more recorded since the 3discs are taken from 7 concerts in 1978 -1979. I haven't read the booklet yet but anyone knows if there's still unissued material?

* An Art Pepper Connection :

First ; I really loved the piano player (first thought it was Lightsey then checked the personnel and saw it was George Cables) who around that period was or would become Art Peppers pianoplayer.

The second Pepper connection is the Trane influence on Dexter. Indeed in the 60's Dexter underwent some Trane influence as did Art Pepper. Who didn't in those days? Anyway i don't mind for Dexters way of playing. As much i like his 60's style i do love his 70's and 80's way as well...

I hope this post doesn't ramble to much, just some ideas that came up last night and early morning

Have a nice weekend you all !!!


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Other blogs of interest are added to the links section. One jazzblog from Italy and one in dutch from a journalist living and working in Teheran.

Thought i share these with you.


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Sonny Rollins (2)

Received the other day the news that Mr. Rollins is working on a new CD and a DVD!!

Can't wait any longer!!



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