Jackie McLean (1931-2006)

May 1991, being 18 years old i was able to attend Mr. McLeans concert at Heist O/D Berg which later was released as 'The Jackie Mac Attack). I knew him from his session in the early 50's with Miles and didn't know they would be playing again together in july a few months later during the famous Miles & Friends concert in Paris.

Sh*t! This must be a sick joke from some lunatic. I'll keep it to this for being my first reaction after spending a weekend abroad and not being able to follow up on (jazz)matters. When looking ath those mails rolling in the inbox sunday evening i at one saw something concerning Jackie McLean and knew i wouldn't see & hear him again. One should never hesitate when being able to see some of his old heroes again and again cfr Johnny Griffin later this month). A lot of obits were published and are circling around. I still feel an emptiness not filled up after reading them.

I just was looking into my collection for what earthly treasures he left. Not bad after all and will help to comfort with his passing away.

Lets' start :

Ha Miles of course for recordings between 1951 till 1955 and of course july 10, 1991 in Paris.Long time not heard so will land on the turntable. Then there is the above mentioned Miles & Friends Paris concert which appeared as a bootleg and was also broadcasted on TV.

After Miles Mr. McLean went to George Wallington of which i found a LP in Amsterdam a few years ago. It contains a live recording in Birdland in 1955. I bought it thanks to some friend of mine who more or less discovered McLean besides his recording with Wallington. In that period i also bought 'Swing Swang Swingin' from 1959. Some great 4tet recording with Jimmy Garrisson on bass ao.

Continuing on Blue Note i have his Complete Blue Note 1962-1964 recordings. When you listen to those stuff you really hear he is not only a Bird follower but really goes well with the so typical 60's Blue Note sound and light avant garde stream which was breakin' through...

Mr. McLean played in 'The Connection' (a play written by Jack Gelber) and recorded it with Freddie Redd also for Blue Note. I do have it on DVD and will dedicate an evening to see it finally. Some parts of 'The Connection' were played for a radio broadcast and are circulating between collectors...

Those 70's gave me a live Montmartre recording from 72 with Kenny Drew on piano, Alex Riel on ds and Bo Stief on b. I still remember when listening at this LP for the first time i was truck by the intensity of the playing. During his 1991 belgian concert i asked Mr. McLean to sign for me and it's still on the cover...

I have form his 80's a 2CDset called 'Birdology' recorded in 1989 in Boulogne-Billancourt and consisted of a Bird Tribute concert with Johnny Griffin, Duke Jordan, Cecil Payne to name but a few. The 90's are better present in my small collection : besides the concert in Belgium i do have some Tokyo live recordings 1996 & 1999 which showcase him with ao Freddie Hubbard. The last recording i know of is a radio broadcast of his 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival appearance at The Hague.

Hm still more stuff in there than i realised and maybe some more coming to me as lif is full of surprises...

RIP Jackie !

PS Last track before I went to sleep yesterday night was O.D. (Overdose)

PS2 I'll try to scan some pictures from the 1991 Belgian Concert and publish them on the blog

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