Alpenfestung & Operation Sunrise

Yesterday i saw some docu's which i recorded in 2004 ;-)

One was about the well known but full of secrets Alpenfestung. The SS wanted to withdraw its troops and a lot of industrial activities into the Alps between Italy, Germany and Austria. Peenemunde, where a the V2 was developped would have to be replaced as well into the mountains, motorways were to be reconstructed as airfields, thousands of forced labourers of Mauthausen were forced to work in the Alps. The Alpenfestung never was fully operative due to Operation Sunrise, a secret operation led by Alan Dulles of the O.S.S.  to obtain the the secret surrender of Axis forces in northern Italy. He was in contact with Obergruppenfuhrer of the SS Karl Wolff who in fact tried to get an agreement with the Allies (that is the U.S.A & Great Britain) : he would surrender the Axis troops as he hoped to play an important role in the new Grmany after the war. While soldiers and civilians were trying to survive all kinds of political games were going on, not in the least because of the fear for a Red Italy, the communist partizans of Tito were already at Trieste. Intriguing period isn't it?




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