Wayne Shorter Gent 15.07.2006

Just the evening before we left on holidays we went to Gent to see and listen at the Wayne Shorter 4tet.  The concert was as we expected, not a joy ride but a real match that puts you at the tip of your chair. I hope public radio will broadcast it one day. Anyway when the concert is finished we stay in the tent till Mr. Shorters roadie comes and picks up his saxophones. We decide to leave and just outside the tent we stumble upon Mr. Shorter talking… Some people stop and start asking for an autograph. Mr. Shorter walks on and I start looking for pen and pencil. When, he almost reaches the musicians quarter I dug up the necessary items and ask him for the autograph : the pen doesn’t write, I fear he might disappear, but no he waits for me to try the pen again and the he gives the autograph on … my festivalticket! You bet that’s one I’ll always keep. I remarked standing next to Mr. Shorter he’s smaller in length than I imagined but, it’s the music that counts, isn’t it?





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