Cd's and magazines

This week i'm still quite busy at the office and arranging all stuff in th new house. Nevertheless i had the time to get the october issue of Jazzmagazine with a special on John Coltrane.


I also got me the Militaria HS 62 with a special on the Normandy offensive from Arromanches to Falaise.


I discovered some small but quality full second hand bookstore and they sell jazz cd's as well : got me a bootleg of a Stan Getz 1980 Cannes concert as well the Thelonious Monk edition of the famous Quadromania series with recordings from 1947 - 1953.


I know some interesting stuff is waiting for me after my weekend work with arranging books, cd's, lp's , dvd's, video's ...


Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

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