Maynard Ferguson

Life's getting very slowly back to normal and i had the chance to listen at some cd's. One of them is a recording i did of a tribute program on BBC 3 on Maynard Ferguson. They broadcasted two studio tracks from the 50's but then they broadcasted a few tracks from a 1997 concert with his Big Bop Nouveau Band at The Mill, Wigan Pier.

There was a really interesting arrangement of 'Milestones' with a major role for the pianist who also lead the piece to his end in quite an unexpected way, well for those who know the original theme of course.

Maynard showed also that there are no boundaries in Jazz by playing a tune written by one of his former pianoplayers : 'Birdland' , world famous through Weather Report.The pianist is of course Joe Zawinul. Great rendition of Birdland, what a groove and drive he's band had. I played it twice while driving home from the office yesterday evening which was a good energy injection...

RIP Maynard, that marvelous music you left us is a real solace!

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