Une histoire simple

Yesterday evening we watched Romy Schneider in 1979 a Claude Sautet film called 'Une histoire simple). The film stars also Bruno Cremer and Claude Brasseur. Although the story might in se look rahter banal, Romy Schneiders presence and prestation makes it worth to look at. She plays the role of 39 old woman who let abort her child when a relation with Claude Brasseur is over, gets in contact again with her former husband (Bruno Cremer), starts a new relation with him and then gets pregnant while Cremer disappears again from her life.

It's quite realistic in a way it portraits the people who live their daily life and deal or deal not with their problems. Give it a try. I still have 'L'important c'est d'aimer' to see and hope to record from Arte 'Max et les Ferrailleurs' soon.


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Autumn in France

Beautifull weather most of the time, well if it doens't rain... We're doing a lot of ranging : cloths mostly since a lot was still unpacked. My last books were all ranged yesterday. Thanks to the sun i went out in the garden and worked a bit there which was quite necessary. Hm just lovely to get out in the garden  at the end of october and breath some fresh air.

Enjoy your sunday afternoon.

Will be back tomorrow with some news on Diana Krall and Romy Schneider if all goes well...

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More updates

More updates will appear the coming days for instance on Miles, Diana Krall, Romy Schneider, The American Civil War, whatever ...

Thanks for dropping by ...


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Maynard Ferguson

Life's getting very slowly back to normal and i had the chance to listen at some cd's. One of them is a recording i did of a tribute program on BBC 3 on Maynard Ferguson. They broadcasted two studio tracks from the 50's but then they broadcasted a few tracks from a 1997 concert with his Big Bop Nouveau Band at The Mill, Wigan Pier.

There was a really interesting arrangement of 'Milestones' with a major role for the pianist who also lead the piece to his end in quite an unexpected way, well for those who know the original theme of course.

Maynard showed also that there are no boundaries in Jazz by playing a tune written by one of his former pianoplayers : 'Birdland' , world famous through Weather Report.The pianist is of course Joe Zawinul. Great rendition of Birdland, what a groove and drive he's band had. I played it twice while driving home from the office yesterday evening which was a good energy injection...

RIP Maynard, that marvelous music you left us is a real solace!

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Flags of our fathers

Back at home and found this article in the NYT on Mr. Clint Eastwoods new film. Have a nice read and especially a nice weekend!


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Miles Davis Quote

I just found this one - shouldn't stop blogging without sharing this beauty with you ... :


"Nothing is out of the question the way I think and live my life. I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning. That's when it starts--when I wake up and see the first light. Then, I'm grateful, and I can't wait to wake up, because there's something new to do and try every day. Every day I find something creative to do with my life. Music is a blessing and a curse. But I love it, wouldn't have it no other
way.'' -- Miles Davis

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I'm gone for a few days so no updating before friday, maybe saturday. Anyway you have some stuff on Sonny Rollins to read and then listen again at some of his recordings, no way it will be a problem to wait till next update ;-)

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