Dave Douglas in Antwerp

While spending a long weekend in Antwerp we used it to meet some friends at a Dave Douglas Concert. I saw mr. Douglas a few years ago with quite the same 5tet : Uri Caine on fender, James Genus b, Clarence Penn ds. The it was Rick Margitza on ts and now Don MacCaslin.

Well to be honest, i enjoyed a lot the concert a few years ago but this one will be one of the fast forgotten ones. The first half of an hour they played new pieces, recently written. They didn't knock me out, nor didn't they grip my attention. They had the same all soulless feeling, no atmosphere to react to.

The second half of the concert (yes the last 30 minutes) were used to play some older tracks and had some more groove.

After one hour the gentleman decided it was enough but gave us still 2 encores so in total the concert took about 90 minutes. Anyway for such a boring concert i don't know they had to play 2 encores. From the first note to the last i heard all the time the Ornette - Don Quartet and Miles 2nd Classic Quartet sounds coming through. Better staid at home, invited the friends and listen at the real stuff. Or were some friends so enthusiastic they bought even some cd's from Mr. Douglas?

The way to heaven is long ;-)





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