November, 11th

Yesterday we visited a local exposition in a tiny village called La Neuville En Hez on the World War 1 in L'Oise. Although it was a small expo it was rather well done. They had a lot of pictures, original weaponry, models in original uniforms and a lot of pc's with power point presentations.

The expo learned us that the region we're livin' in was devastated as well and rather late in the war. Indeed the german offensive in august-september 1918 reached almost Saint Just en Chaussée and especially Noyon from which they would have a boulevard to Compiègne and Paris afterwards.

We memorized some places we will visit in springtime (among such things a Blockhaus with an iron cross???) and we also discovered a group of researchers who organize regularly some walks through the WWI landscape.

We didn't watch teh french docu on the Battle of The Somme yesterday evening but have it for another opportunity which gives us also teh chance to see the docu on Verdun which will be broadcasted wednesday the 16 on ARTE as well.

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