Bob Florence

Last week I found the following cd for 3 € in a second hand bookstore :

Bob Florence Big Band Live at Concerts by The Sea
Trend records TRCD 523
Recorded 15-18.06.1979 at Concerts By The Sea, Redondo Beach

Setlist :
1. Be Bop Charlie
2. Lonely Carousel
3. Evie
4. Wide Open Spaces
5. I'll remember
6. Party Hearty


Amongst the musicians of the big band we can Nick Ceroli, Bob Cooper, Pet Christlieb, Bill Perkins en Buddy Childers are the most well known. They play only Bob Florence compositions. The music is very appealing and offers a great listen. Ah it does some good to listen at some big band recordings and no it must not always be Duke or Basie. Since the music on the cd is recorded during several days one might hope more of it might pop up…

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