Mahlers 5th

I wanted to write about Joe Lovano and his nonet and the Birth Of The Cool but due to lack of time and some music that i listened at today that will have to wait.

Of course you know the Adagio of Mahlers 5th symphony. But when it's played by Uri Caines' ensemble live i must admit it touched me in another way than the usual way it's played. The version by Mr. Caine was one played in 2000 in Krakow. I listened in the car and didn't know what i was gonna hear, just put in the cdr. Then i realised it was the Adagio and it swept me away in a different way. The classical versionis so romantic, full, but very 'triste'. Here Mr. Caine almost made it a very joyous and gay adagio. Is it the combination of a small ensemble (trumpet, trombone, clarinet and rhyhthm section)? Don't know but no doubt i'll give it a repeated listen.



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