Holiday season

Due to the holidays Tuneup will take a break since i don't have a computer nor internet atmy diposal. Anyway i wish you all a merry Christmas and all the best for 2007. Tuneup will welcome you again around January, 2nd.


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André Hodeir

Le Monde edition of friday december 22 has an interview with André Hodeir who in the 50's worked together with Bobby Jaspar when the latter one stayed in Paris. You can read the interview in an html version of in pdf when surfing to Le Monde. Enjoy!

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What's so lovely about living on the countryside is that when going to work at 13h30 you see 10 deer running through the fields and crossing the road on which you're driving. While their was no car behind me, i stopped and enjoyed all those deer running by. Just great to watch before returning to the ratrace ;-)

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Louis Ferdinand Céline

Pierre Assouline who wrote recently about The Baroness has today posted about one of my all time favorite authors Louis Ferdinand Céline. I read all his works except for his political essays because they are out of print. Read more on this exceptionnal author here.


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Mahlers 5th

I wanted to write about Joe Lovano and his nonet and the Birth Of The Cool but due to lack of time and some music that i listened at today that will have to wait.

Of course you know the Adagio of Mahlers 5th symphony. But when it's played by Uri Caines' ensemble live i must admit it touched me in another way than the usual way it's played. The version by Mr. Caine was one played in 2000 in Krakow. I listened in the car and didn't know what i was gonna hear, just put in the cdr. Then i realised it was the Adagio and it swept me away in a different way. The classical versionis so romantic, full, but very 'triste'. Here Mr. Caine almost made it a very joyous and gay adagio. Is it the combination of a small ensemble (trumpet, trombone, clarinet and rhyhthm section)? Don't know but no doubt i'll give it a repeated listen.



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Time Out

Since i will be gone for a few days, posting will resume on monday the 18th. All the best and till then!

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Grammy Nominations for February 2007 - Jazz

Field 10 — Jazz

Category 45

Best Contemporary Jazz Album

(For albums containing 51% or more playing time of INSTRUMENTAL tracks.)

The Hidden Land
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones
People People Music Music
Groove Collective
[Savoy Jazz Worldwide]
Rewind That
Christian Scott
[Concord Jazz]
Sex Mob
[Thirsty Ear Recordings, Inc.]
Who Let The Cats Out?
Mike Stern
[Heads Up]

Category 46

Best Jazz Vocal Album

(For albums containing 51% or more playing time of VOCAL tracks.)

Karrin Allyson
[Concord Jazz]
Easy To Love
Roberta Gambarini
[Groovin' High/Kindred Rhythm]
Live At Jazz Standard With Fred Hersch
Nancy King
 From This Moment On
Diana Krall
Turned To Blue
Nancy Wilson
[MCG Jazz]

Category 47

Best Jazz Instrumental Solo

(For an instrumental jazz solo performance. Two equal performers on 
one recording may be eligible as one entry. If the soloist listed 
appears on a recording billed to another artist, the latter's name is 
in parenthesis for identification. Singles or Tracks only.)

Some Skunk Funk
Michael Brecker, soloist
Track from: Some Skunk Funk (Randy Brecker w/Michael Brecker)
[Telarc Jazz/BHM]
Paq Man
Paquito D'Rivera, soloist
Track from: From The Heart (Hilario Duran And His Latin Jazz Big Band)
[Alma Records]
Freedom Jazz Dance
Taylor Eigsti, soloist
Track from: Lucky To Be Me
[Concord Jazz]
Hippidy Hop (Drum Solo)
Roy Haynes, soloist
Track from: Whereas
[Dreyfus Jazz]
Branford Marsalis, soloist
Track from: Braggtown
[Marsalis Music/Rounder]

Category 48

Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group

(For albums containing 51% or more playing time of INSTRUMENTAL tracks.)

Sound Grammar
Ornette Coleman
[Sound Grammar]
The Ultimate Adventure
Chick Corea
[Stretch Records]
Trio Beyond — Saudades
Jack DeJohnette, Larry Goldings & John Scofield
Beyond The Wall
Kenny Garrett
Sonny, Please
Sonny Rollins
[Doxy Records]

Category 49

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

(For large jazz ensembles, including big band sounds. Albums must 
contain 51% or more INSTRUMENTAL tracks.)

Some Skunk Funk
Randy Brecker With Michael Brecker, Jim Beard, Will Lee, Peter 
Erskine, Marcio Doctor & Vince Mendoza conducting The WDR Big Band Köln
[Telarc Jazz/BHM]
Spirit Music
Bob Brookmeyer — New Art Orchestra
Streams Of Expression
Joe Lovano Ensemble
[Blue Note Records]
Live In Tokyo At The Blue Note
Mingus Big Band
[Sunnyside/Sue Mingus Music]
Up From The Skies — Music Of Jim McNeely
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
[Planet Arts Recordings]

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