Michael Brecker

Better late than never but it's about time i write something about Michael Brecker who left us recently. I saw Mr. Brecker two times live : one time in august 2003 with his quartet (Joey Calderazzo, Chris Min Dohky and Jeff Tain Waits). This was one of these concerts i just won't forget. I was truly surprised in the good sense of the word with Mr. Breckers playing. His solo rendition of Naima was the highlight of the concert. I was able to record some tracks here and there from radio broadcasts so i listened at this concert quite often the last week. The second time i saw him was later that year with the Three Tenors project where he played with Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano. This concert i enjoyed less but gave me the opportunity to meet some new friends (Hi Rocco , hi Michael) which i happen to see quite regularly so in that way i deeply must thank Mr. Brecker for that occasion.

RIP Mr. Brecker and thanks for those unforgettable moments.

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