John Connolly

Don't get confused with Michael Connelly. Mr. John Connolly's main character and those of his two comrade's in arms (Louis and Angel) remind me more of Andrew Vacchs' Burke character. Anyway, 'Every Dead Thing' which i read a few years ago blew me away. I can't remember reading such a suspense novel. I couldn't stand the tension almost. Now i finished 'Dark Hollow', his second Charlie 'Bird' Parker novel. No jazz connection besides of the name of the P.I. The tension is still there but to me it's a bit to much blood, killings, tensions, psychopaths etc. I have his third novel 'Killing Kind' still on my to read list but i guess i won't continue to read the series after that one.

The website of Mr. Connolly is quite intresting since he has an own blog, a discussion forum and you can even read some ghost stories. Check it out !

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