Sergeï M. Eisenstein

ARTE presents this night a Sergei Eisenstein (no not Bronenosets Potyomkin nor Ivan Grozny nor Alexander Nevski) but his 1929 classic Staroye i novoye. It starts at 00:20 so one good reason to stay late up this weekend ;-)

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Les Orgeuilleux

Arte broadcasts this evening at 20h40 PM Yves Allegrets ‘Les Orgeuilleux’ with Michèle Morgan and Gérard Philippe. It’s based on Jean Paul Sartre’s work “Typhus” and J.P. collaborated with writing the scenario… Not to be missed!


La Marcia Su Roma

France 3 is now running a series of Italian Classics and this evening at 1.05 AM you can watch (or perhaps record for those who have to work tomorrow) Dino Risi’s 1963 ‘La Marcia su Roma’ in its original version starring Ugo Tognazzi and Roger Hanin. Hope you enjoy!


Eastwood & Brubeck

Just got this in the mailbox :

"NEW YORK: Clint Eastwood is combining two of his passions, jazz and film, by taking a lead role in producing a new documentary about US jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck. Eastwood also will chair a new honorary board set up to preserve and continue the legacy of Brubeck, 86, according to the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.Other members on the board include trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis, film director George Lucas, recording artist Al Jarreau, record producer Quincy Jones, and cellist Yo-Yo Ma."Dave Brubeck is an American legend," said Eastwood, himself a jazz pianist and composer, in a statement released by the University of the Pacific. "He is an American original who continues to make significant contributions to music, introduced a whole new generation to the world of jazz, and continues to explore the international language of music."The documentary, to be directed and produced by Bruce Ricker, is tentatively titled Dave Brubeck - In His Own Sweet Way, and will track Brubeck's career to his latest work, the jazz opera Cannery Row Suite, which made its premiere at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2006.Eastwood and Ricker, whose previous film credits include the Thelonious Monk, Straight No Chaser and The Last of the Blue Devils, also are making a documentary about Tony Bennett titled The Music Never Ends.In 1988 Eastwood directed a film about the troubled life and career of jazz musician Charlie Parker called Bird, and recently he composed the music for his films Flags of Our Fathers and Mystic River.Eastwood has served as the honorary chairman of the Brubeck Institute since its inception in 2000 and is a member of the board of directors for the Monterey Jazz Festival.The Brubeck Institute was established after the donation of an extensive collection of Brubeck's materials to the University of the Pacific's library for research and archival purposes and now offers various jazz educational programs."

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 The Gruuthuse handwriting text dates form the late 14th. century, early 15th century. It’s now, after a long period, finally available for everyone on the website of the Royal Library of Belgium. It’s fascinating to look at and trying to read it. Enjoy!

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Dave Douglas doin' Monk

SFGate.com writer Derk Richardson has an article on Dave Douglas' collaboration with the SFJazz Collective doin' Monk. Read more here !


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Henri Troyat RIP

Henri Troyat passed away on Sunday, march 4. Le Monde and Le Figaro each have a decent obituary and Le Monde point to the INA site where an interview from 1976 with the author is freely available for a limited time. I didn’t realise he was still alive, he’s name goes back for so long…

I knew Troyat especially because of his biographies. My grandfather had some of them and I must have them somewhere in a box. Time to dig them up…

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