George Auld

"Saxophoniste ténor de trace blanche né à Toronto, Canada, le 19 mai 1919. Joua avec Bunny Berigan (1935-1937), Artie Shaw (1938), Benny Goodman (1940-41) et devint chef d'orchestre. A imité Coleman Hawkins sans obtenir des résultats appréciables."


So what's important for Panassié as info on Georgie Auld that he should inform his readers of?

First : Auld is white (race blanche / white race). So what?

Second : played with some real big time big band leaders. Ok

Third : ah he tried to imitate Hawkins but never succeded in doin' so. Well that's big news. Nobody ever sounded like Hawkins but the Hawk himself. But what's more Aulds music never resulted in something to be appreciated. So what did he do in the orchestra's of Shaw and Goodman, fill the ranks?

I can only assume that our dear Mr. Panassié never listened at some live recordings of Georgie Auld?

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