Gene Ammons

Normally i would give the complete entry for a certain musician in Panassié's dictionnary. But in the case of Gene Ammons only a short excerpt is sufficient.


"...On a parfois classé Gene Ammons parmi les musiciens be-bop mais c'est à peine s'il a emprunté quelques tournures mélodiques à Charlie Parker; c 'est un vrai swingman...."


What could be feared is indeed the truth : nothing is worse than being described as a bopper. So lucky for Gene Ammons that Panassié knows what 's best for Ammons, he knows it even better that Ammons himself...


Gene Ammons probably took over some melodic lines from Parker but hell no he stayed always a swingman! Just taking a look at the musicians he played with is proof enough that Ammons wasn't a swingman although he did swing of course.

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