Miles Davis studio recordings 1965-1969

Jarno Kukkonen has written an article "Elements of Early Rock-Jazz Fusion
on Miles Davis's Studio Recordings 1965-1969," which is based on his PhD
thesis. He explores Miles's electric music, and at the end, includes
breakdowns of the various elements (whether the piece includes melody in
the bass, pedal point, post production edits, odd or changing meter etc)
within Miles's various works, plus some notational examples. It's in the form of a Pdf file and it's available at: http://www.siba.fi/attach/alusta_0104.pdf

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Pépé Le Moko

France 3 broadcasts this night Julien Duviviers 1936 "Pépé le moko" starring Jean Gabin. It starts at 1.05 AM so technically speaking it's already monday. But who cares while enjoying Jean Gabin trying to survive in the casbah...

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Kurt Vonnegut RIP

Kurt Vonnegut passed away. You can read a 6 page obit by Dinitia SMITH in the NYT. I admit he is one of those many authors i more read about than i read anything by him.

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Panassié Break

Since i'm not at home for the coming two weeks and Panassié's book has to be rendered at the local library there will be a break concerning the citation from Panassié's Dictionnary of Jazz. I will try to post some things the coming days before we leave.

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Since Panassié doesn't mention Clifford Brown nor Chet Baker (his book was published in 1954) we're only left with his entry on bop and be-bop. That will be something for later on this week. I'll give you already some starter with his entry on "Bopper" :


"Musicien qui joue du be-bop, par opposition au "jazzman" ou au "swingman" qui joue du jazz et qui swingue."


One who plays be-bop is opposed to a jazz musician or swing musician who plays jazz! That's quite clear no? And it prepares you what to attend of his entry on Be-Bop. Watch out for something heavier than "Katrina".

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HAPPY EASTER - don't forget to search for some good chocolate and this afternoon enjoy watching the "Tour Of Flanders".

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Art Blakey

Panassié describes Art Blakey as follows :


"Batteur né à Pittsburgh, Penn., le 11.10.1919. Joua dans l'orchestre de Billy Eckstine de 1944 à 1947, dans celui de Lucky Millinder et divers groupements. Doué d'un grand swing, Art Blakey s'est souvent fourvoyé avec des musiciens be bop et il n'existe pas de disques ou l 'on puisse se rendre compte de sa valeur comme jazzman."


Well whatta you want : Art Blakey is a good musician but he plays be-bop which is of course a mistake, Blakey just didn't realise it, Panassié did it for him. Hopefully he did'nt listen to all those great Jazz Messengers albums ;-)

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