Crime and Suspense

Tony Burton, Chief Editor of the Crime and Suspende Ezine sent me an email which i like to share with you. Here it is :

"Dear Lovers of Great Short Crime Fiction!
We are beginning a push to increase the subscription numbers for the Crime and Suspense ezine.  Subscriptions are important for the survival of the ezine.  Here's why:I've begun selling advertising. That's good, because it helps to finance the cost of maintaining the site (I just paid for another year of hosting) and also helps to pay for the fee-free contests that everyone seems to love.
But advertisers are more likely to want to buy ad space on the ezine and/or web site with an assurance of more people seeing the ads.  Makes sense, right?
I appreciate that so many of you share the URL for the ezine with your friends and family.  But it would be so much more beneficial in the long run if those people, once they like the site, would actually subscribe.  And since the subscription is F*R*E*E, that shouldn't be a problem for anyone.  And keeping that subscription a no-cost one is another reason for having advertisements... thus for having more subscribers!So, spread the word!  Tell everyone you know about the great Crime and Suspense ezine.  Tell them how many great stories are in there, tell them about the great book reviews and articles, tell them about the writing contests... and encourage them to subscribe.
Thanks so much for your help.
Tony Burton, Chief Editor
Crime and Suspense ezine"

Here's the link to the Crime and Suspense website, which i will post as well in the links section : http://www.crimeandsuspense.com

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Miles Davis - Another Jack Johnson

Miles Davis - Another Jack Johnson

So What SW-050






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Clint Eastwood

ARTE will spend this evening on Clint Eastwood. They will broadcast (in french but on June 3rd in its original version) Honkytonk Man which i never saw and later on this evening a french docu on mans life and work.

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Libera Carlier RIP

Libera Carlier (born 19.01.1926) was a flemish writer mostly known for the scripts he wrote for public television. He started as captain at sea. His first bok was published in 1957 and was related to his professional occupations. In 1958

he published 'Action Station Go'  which received the Ark's Prize for Free Speech. I read this book about the resistance during WWII in flanders and i really enjoyed it, it was kind of hard boiled written a style you don't expect from flemish writers. Libera Carlier passed away at 81 in Antwerp on April 25. I'll never sell the only book i have by him, that's a promise.

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Buddy Childers

Apparently Buddy Childers passed away last night. More details are yet unknown. Update will follow...

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Gilbert Rovere RIP

The May issue of Jazz Magazine lists also the passing of Gilbert Rovere on March 13. Gilbert who? Indeed the French bass player who played with Art Taylor and Sonny Rollins that night of November 1965 in Paris. Born inToulon in 1939 he arrived in Paris in 1956 and was ready to accompany Billie Holiday, Cannonball Adderley, Dexter Gordon or Bud Powell. In 1967 he received the Django Reinhardt Prize from the Academie du Jazz. In 1978 he retires from the jazz scene. In 1986 he makes a comeback with ao. Steve Grossman, Bud Shank, Jackie McLean.

Sonny Rollins Paris 1965

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Happy Birthday Archie Shepp!

Yesterday evening, after the Champions League Final, i read the May issue of Jazz Magazine which has a special anniversary issue on Archie Shepp. Mr. Shepp celebrates his 70th Birthday today. About 15 pages ares dedicated to Mr.Shepp containing an interview with the maestro himself as well as brief pieces by french musicians on the importance of Mr. Shepp in Jazz and the role he played in their carreers.

A special mini cd was also delivered with the issue containing 'Attica Blues'; 'Mama Too Tight' and an exclusive version of his forthcoming cd Gemini called 'The reverse'.

Don't forget : Mezzo will broadcast on June 9th a special evening on Mr. Shepp!

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