Miles Davis - At Monterey 1963

Monterey Jazz Festival Launches New Record Label in Partnership With Concord Music Group in Celebration of MJF's 50th Year

Monterey Jazz Festival Records Debuts on July 31

With Five Never-Before-Heard Releases Culled From Historic Live Archives

First Releases Feature Recordings From Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Shirley Horn and Grover Washington, Jr. MJFR Will Also Debut New Discs by Contemporary Groups And Special Events Projects, Recorded at the Festival

April 23, 2007; Monterey, California; In celebration of the 50th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival Records will make its debut with a remarkable series of historic, never-before- heard, live-at-Monterey releases. Not only does this mark the first time a festival has launched its own label, but the riches of its tape archives-more than 1600 tapes with more than 2000 hours of concerts in the vault-makes this ambitious endeavor a jazz bonanza.

The Monterey Jazz Festival, the pioneering West Coast-styled jazz party, inarguably holds the world record for the longest-running jazz affair, having been born in 1958 on the Monterey Fairgrounds, some 100 miles south of San Francisco. This year MJF turns 50, with its annual three-day gala (September 21-23) taking on special significance with a wealth of performances offered on nine stages spread throughout the festival's 20-acre grounds.

Monterey Jazz Festival Records is a stand-alone label in partnership with the Monterey Jazz Festival and Concord Music Group.  The profits realized by the festival will be re-invested into its ongoing internationally recognized jazz education programs. The MJFR imprint's first five unreleased recordings, to be released on July 31, capture the crème de la crème of the jazz heritage: Louis Armstrong (caught playing the very first night of the festival in 1958); Miles Davis (introducing to the West Coast his classic '60s quintet, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams, featuring saxophonist George Coleman in 1963); Thelonious Monk (his quartet augmented by bassist Steve Swallow and an expanded five-piece festival workshop in 1964); and two revered artists, Shirley Horn and Grover Washington Jr., both, respectively, playing their one and only sets at Monterey in 1994...(and on it goes...)

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