Bein' on holiday no updates must be expected till the end of july. Hope you all have a nice summer time and i hope you come back soon.



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Philippe Noiret on ARTE

Arte will broadcast 4 films by this famous actor during july & august. Last thursday they started with 'La Grande Bouffe' which will be rebroadcasted on monday july 23. Then will follow 'L'Horloger de Saint Paul' based on a Georges Simenon novel; 'Que la fête commence' and they end the series with 'Coup de Torchon' based on Jim Thompsons 'Pop 1280'. I've seen all 4 of them but will enjoy every minute of them...Especially 'Coup de Torchon' which i want to see again for quite some time now... Reminds me of that Jim Thompson bio i should try to obtain...

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Herbie Hancock Secret Album




Funny one this. And it all came about by accident. Well sort of. I`d been lent this album about five years ago by John Cooper, the legendary underground music dealer. Last year I was discussing the album with him again, and we were both under the impression that this privately pressed album, called Hear O Israel, was no longer owned by anyone. So I put my detective hat and mac on and set about trying to find the owners. And eventually I did, and they are a large organisation called the URJ based in NYC. I went to see them in fact, and suggested that it would be a smashing idea to get this lost and very unique recording back into circulation. They asked me “why?” and I told them that it was one of the most beautiful recordings I have ever heard and needed to be heard again, because bugger all people heard it the first time round. And they said yes. Enthusiastically yes. So, I am thrilled, and shortly will be presenting Hear O Israel to the world again, and it is one of the most beautiful recordings I have ever heard. I can think of nothing quite like it.

Little is really known about it, so here is what we do know. The album was originally commissioned by Rabbi David Davis, recorded and then pressed in 1968, and includes the following musicians:

Herbie Hancock - piano
Jerome Richardson - flute, tenor and alto sax
Grady Tate – drums
Thad Jones – trumpet and flugelhorn
Ron Carter – bass
Jonathan Klein – French horn and baritone
Rabbi David Davis – reader
Antonia Lavannne – soprano
Phyllis Bryn-Julson - contralto

The recording is a concert in jazz and prayer, and is one of the most sublime, spiritual recordings I have ever had the joy of listening too. Adding to the jazz is the occasional traditional Jewish prayer, sung by a female soprano and contralto, or narrated briefly by the Rabbi.

This most unusual, dare I say, unique recording has never been issued properly. We believe the recording was only available through the URJ, and was never commercially released. It is now licensed to Trunk Records exclusively worldwide.

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Miles Davis : Unknown Sessions Vol. 5 (SW 158)




1) Untitled Original 730726b (take 4)

2) Untitled Original 730726b (take 5)
2) Untitled Original 741000a (take ?)
2) Studio chatter
2) Untitled Original 741000a (take ?) (false start)
2) Untitled Original 741000a (take ?)
2) Studio chatter
2) Untitled Original 741000b
3) Unknown Studio Edit


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The Velvet Underground at Poor Richard's

VU poor richards

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New Books on Jazz

Le Monde had in its June 29th issue a short article on two new jazzbooks. The first one is written by Allain Pailler  LA PREUVE PAR NEUF. TROIS TRIOS : TEDDY WILSON, DUKE ELLINGTON, AHMAD JAMAL”. The second one is written by Jean-Pierre Jackson and is one more volume on Miles.  Enjoy!


Ornette Coleman in The Guardian

The Guardian published in its Friday June 29th issue an article by Andrew Purcell on Ornette Coleman. Due to a lack of time and being absent from home this weekend I couldn’t post the link earlier. My  sincere apologies. Nevertheless its holiday season here it’s not yet and I'm quite busy at office. I’ll try to update TuneUp as much as possible so please keep on passing by. Thanks in advance and happy holidays

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