Herb Pomeroy R.I.P.

I got this sad news in the mailbox :

"Beloved New England trumpet player and educator Herb Pomeroy died on
Saturday, August 11th. Herb had an amazing career, was loved by so many jazz fans and musicians, and positively affected everything he touched.
He played with Charlie Parker and Lionel Hampton, toured briefly with Stan
Kenton, was in the original jazz workshop in Boston (led by Charlie Mariano
and also including Dick Twardzik and Serge Chaloff), led an outstanding big
band from the 1950s to the 1960s and then intermittently until the 1990s,
taught at Berklee for 41 years (as well as at the Lenox School of Music,
Harvard and MIT for briefer periods), and played in countless Boston area
combos both as a leader and sideman. Herb was a beautiful, lyrical trumpet player and a beautiful human being. He will be sorely missed."

Better check out these Parker - Pomeroy live dates one of these days.

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