Strangers on a Train

Since a week we have satelite television which makes life more bearable. We have about 6 movie channels who broadcast not-french spoken movies in its original version. What a time with all those noir on the Polar channel : 'Phantom Lady', 'Armored Car Robbery', the classic channel with 'Capone', 'Fort Courageous', TMC with 'Party Girl',....

This evening there's a Alfred Hitchcock one in its original version. Although i'm not very fond of Hitchcock, i'm quite curious about 'Strangers on a Train'. This 1951 movie is :

a) not being part of those always related to Hitchcock (as for example 'Rear Window', 'Vertigo', 'The Birds', ...)

b) the script was co-written by a.o. (uncredited) Ben Hecht, Patricia Highsmith and expecially interesting for me : Raymond Chandler. We know Mr. Chandler wrote other scripts as well like the one for 'The Blue Dahlia' so maybe this Hitchcock one will stand the test this evening.

Can't wait. It will always be better than his version of John Buchans 'The 39 Steps';-)

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