Donald Ayler R.I.P.

From www.ayler.org:

Donald Ayler

(5th October 1942 - 21st October 2007)

Richard Koloda emailed me on Monday with the sad news of the death of
Donald Ayler. The funeral was held on Tuesday and Richard kindly sent this report:

“Don Ayler suffered a sudden heart attack on Sunday October 21st, and
passed away very quickly at the home he had been in, in Northfield Ohio. Because of the suddenness of the death, an autopsy was done. I had found out on October 29th, when my friend Imam Shaheed called me at work.

The funeral was held at 11 am on October 30th. It was a sunny day, and
moderately warm at 62 degrees. Don was buried in Section 27, lot 200, Grave 3. He was buried next to his mother (his brother is buried in the miltary section). The hearse from Nesbitt Funeral Home arrived, as did the few mourners. I met his cousins Claytene Wright, Sandra Wright, and Robert Johnson. His father was present, as was his niece Desiree and his nephew, Curtis Roundtree.

Among the friends (besides myself), were his two guardians, a Ms. Formica,
and a young man named Jude. The other friends present were Joe Phillips’
brother, Imam Mutawef Shaheed, Robert Taylor (a Cleveland discjockey),
Carrie Roundtree, and Al Rollins.

The coffin was lifted from the hearse by the pallbearers; myself, Imam
Shaheed, Al Rollins, Bob Taylor, the funeral director, and I believe the other pall bearer was Robert Johnson, or Mr. Phillips. The coffin and its contents
were quite light during the short walk to the plot. A Reverend Girney read
a brief passage from Romans, along with the standard, ‘it was his time
according to God’s will’. The funeral director opened the casket at the head one final time, and moved the cloth covering Don’s face. We filed past one final time paiyng our respects. Don looked at peace. He was wearing a gray sweater and dark pants. We silently said a final prayer, and the funeral director placed the cloth back over his face and closed the coffin. We said our
final prayers, each of us placing a red rose over the coffin. We watched it
lowered into the grave, and the lid placed over the vault. We departed taking our memories of a fun guy.”


Since we leave for a few days i'll grab some recordings with Donald Ayler with me. Makes me remember i still have that Albert Ayler tree to listen at...

Rest in Peace Donald Ayler !

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