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I listened yesterday to Cecil Paynes Zodiac, a NY recording from 1968. It's Out Of Print on LP as well on CD. It's quite pity since the musicians are very fine as there's Kenny Dorham and Wynton kelly...

martin luther king jr.
girl, you got a home
slide hampton
follow me
flying fish

cecil payne (bs)
wynton kelly (p)
wilbur ware (b)
albert 'tootie' heath (d)
kenny dorham (tp)

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01 Martin Luther King, Jr..mp3 (10 MB)
02 Girl, You Got A Home.mp3 (15 MB)
03 Slide Hampton.mp3 (6 MB)
04 Follow Me.mp3 (10 MB)
05 Flying Fish.mp3 (17 MB)

Gepost door: lexman | 29-11-07

Cecil Payne Zodiac Hi this is Eric writing from California. Your blog is great! I love this Cecil Payne album but I've never heard the CD version of it. Would it be possible for you to re-post the files?
Hopefully, EG

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