Hugo Claus (3) - The sorrow of Belgium

I admit, i've never read his so called masterpiece "The Sorrow Of Belgium" because i didn't want to be disappointed afterwards. Some people were so eager to read it that afterwards their expectiations weren't fullfilled. I always had access to the book since it was always around at my parents place. Never felt the urge to read it because of fear of being disappointed. Mr. Claus bein dead gave me the reason to read so last weekend i grabbed it and brought it with me for my first read of it.

Can't say i'm disappointed till now (after some 140 pages), i love it very much and - always a good sign - i'm eager to continue reading... His description of the atmosphere of the flemish catholic provincial family is to the point !!!!

Anybody here around who read it already? What did you think of it? Let uw know. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend.

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